Knob Creek

#2) Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye Whiskey Barreled 2009


This cask strength, powerful rye has been one of our sleeper picks all year. Then, in early December, the Whisky Advocate rated it as their #2 whisky of 2018. Naturally, all hell broke loose. We had to hide our stash from the cherry pickers we’ve never met and save them for you, our PRIMA faithful.

Being a barrel strength rye, it’s almost 60% ABV and must be cut to be wholly enjoyed. Put a couple of ice cubes in a snifter and you’ll get notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla, marshmallow, honey roasted peanuts, Amarena cherry and even over-ripe banana. Beyond all of this, however, is all of that rye-spice that distinguishes the best from the mediocre. Notes of cardamom, cigar leaf and even lantana show here in the finish.
This is a fantastic bottle of rye that deserves all of the superlatives it’s received this year.

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