2000 Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa Dolcetto d’Acqui Vendemmia Tardiva


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Every once in a while, we come across a mature wine that way over-delivers. Our most recent example is this 19 year-old Dolcetto! In some cases, you may find a bottle of with this type of age and price tag and say to yourself, “there is NO way this made it.” But this bottle from Scarpa- the little engine that could- held up like a champ.
The probability is best for such a great result when the wine ages at the cellar in which it was made its entire life. Fortunately, with our long relationship with Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa, we find outrageously tasty and mature gems from them about once per year. This is because they have a cellar that is one of, if not the most extensive in Piemonte. Each year, they taste through shiners that are decades old and waiting to be sent to friendly homes. When they deem the particular lot is drinking best, they’ll reach out and release from their cellar to Prima. This sometimes happens at prices that simply make no sense, too. This $25 Dolcetto is a case in point. It makes very little sense to me economically, but certainly is understandable in the flavor category!
It’s got a beautiful brick-red color that only properly aged wine can give. Ferrous-y notes show with dried cherry, prune, cinnamon, clove, orange peel and desiccated violets; cigar leaf, sage, mint and porcini powder are prominent in the savory category, too. On the palate, silky-smooth tannins have developed with racy acidity keeping it ultra-fresh. Long story short, the structure is still very much there and the finish is quite long as well. No need to decant, either. Enjoy this one now and over the remainder of 2019. It’s a ridiculous value and a great reminder to show why we wait. Decant this one for an hour to open it up and also to remove sediment.