Infinite Eight

2003 Infinite Eight Brut Champagne Millesime


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CHAMPAGNE Infinite Eight Brut Millesimes

Varieties: 60% 40% Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Dosage: 1 l per 8 g

The Golden shimmer like to gravitate. Spreading Hawthorn flowers and honey to the crispy edges and rounded flavours feel bread dips (bread using spices) flavor. Take harmony with a complex taste is a sensual, also characterises Mirabel doesn't feel or raisin alcohol was almost.

Champagne infinite affiliate is the release of that commitment through the ripening period of many years, and was founded by Franck Leroux Nicolas Le tikslan wine maker and designer of two vintage champagne. "8" is a collective passion for two and champagne, and a refined sense can be said. Black bottle marked "8" only a chosen vintage, bottled and aged.
Coat of arms is used on the label is in the combination of two of the symbols that represent the number "8" and infinity 'infinity'. What cannot be absolutely separate in the world of philosophy and ideas, and in two, well-balanced, transcendent and eternal is the symbol, which represents in particular the harmony and perfection. Winemaker Nicolas Le tikslan is Chevalier of champagne the Knights, old clan from generation to generation in the Champagne business engaged and have a wealth of experience.

Using infinite eight bottles keep wine from external influences (solar) to ensure good storage conditions, upscale black bottle. Temperature sensing material using infinite affiliate label, reaching the desired delivery temperature "below 8 ° C, and the symbol ∞ in can, enjoy the fresh taste, the ideal logo will be red from white.