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2005 La Scolca Soldati D'Antan Gavi


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An elegant, dry wine, Gavi is the renowned expression of the Cortese grape; in Piedmont, Gavi wines achieved signal success thanks to the pioneering efforts of the Soldati family at their La Scolca estate in Rovereto di Gavi. Founded in 1919, La Scolca ranks among the first producers of quality Gavi and stands among the most historic white wine producers in Italy.

Although Cortese had been planted in the region since the late 19th century, the grape produced low-alcohol, low-quality wines. Consequently, the production was mostly purchased by Cinzano and Martini & Rossi as a base for their sparkling wines. It was the Soldati family, who after the Second World War saved the fate of Cortese from oblivion by focusing entirely on the production of quality Cortese, in a region traditionally known for its reds. They pioneered modern, controlled vinification in stainless steel to preserve the subtle fruit of the Cortese grape, allowing for the creation of wines that retained crisp acidity and aromas and gained structure.

Today, the estate is run by Giorgio Soldati, the founder’s great-grandson, and his daughter, Chiara, who represents the fifth generation.

The estate’s 148 acres of vineyards are planted on the hills surrounding the family villa, in the Rovereto Superiore region of the commune of Gavi. Located 30-miles from the Mediterranean, marine air tempers the cool mountain air and all-day sunlight is ideal for ripening. Vineyards are planted on steep slopes composed of calcareous-clay and volcanic soils with iron, shot with veins of chalky limestone similar to that found in Champagne and Chablis, giving that characteristic flinty character.

With Piedmont’s oldest Cortese vines (60+ years) and decades of pioneering, family winemaking tradition, La Scolca produces spectacular, complex and concentrated age-worthy wines now found on the world’s finest wine lists. The 2009 vintage marked La Scolca’s 90th harvest. La Scolca is dedicated to the idea that Gavi can have great longevity. To demonstrate this point, La Scolca produces d’Antan, a Gavi that is aged for 10 years before bottling.