Sorelle de Nicola Feyles

2009 Sorelle de Nicola Feyles Langhe Nebbiolo


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De Nicola has made wine in these quarters for nearly 60 years and calling his style ‘Old School’ is something of an understatement.  He makes miniscule amounts of Barolo from Monforte and Novello and a Barbaresco from two vineyards in Neive. He’s been around long enough to be allowed to make them both in the same cantina- one of only a handful of producers with the right to do so.  He also makes scant amounts of Barbera and Dolcetto and, amazingly, a Langhe Nebbiolo created from both declassified Barolo and Barbaresco, completely fermented on its natural yeast and aged for a minimum of three years in cask and three years in bottle.  The current vintage is 2009