2013 Fuenteseca Cosecha Tequila Blanca Huerta Singular Del Maguey


Tequila has positively changed more than any other spirit in the last couple of decades as a bounty of small producers have made strides in quality enhancements. On top of this, many of the smallest producers have found ways to make it onto the international stage offering a true sense of what Tequila is all about.
Fuenteseca is the perfect example of a small producer making an incredibly pure form of Tequila that has just recently become available stateside. This producer has long received international acclaim for being the best for single orchard, single varietal (agave) expressions of Tequila. However, their market reach was barely outside of Jalisco!

I would have never imagined a time where I would be reading or writing ‘single site or single varietal’ when discussing Tequila, but here we are. Hell, I was the one who was eating the ‘worm’ at the end of the bottle as a party trick! With change, however, comes progress and here we have a terroir-driven spirit that are significantly better than anything I could’ve imagined we’d be seeing from this category.

The Huerta Singular, is made entirely from a single orchard of agave grown at 5,250 feet elevation in Jalisco. Enrique Fonseca, the Owner and Master Distiller, realized upon harvesting the 2013 crop that this parcel of agave was far too dynamic to mix with others for a larger production. Instead he separated the El Maguey field plants, slowly baked them at low pressure, and double-distilled the spirit in a copper alembic pot still. He then rested the tequila for three years to achieve a complete rested oxygenation before finally bottling the small quantity in the fall of 2016.

This tequila is absolutely the benchmark for a blanco if I had to name just one. Classic roasted vegetal notes are vividly displayed, while sweeter tones of agave syrup, baking spices, papaya, lime and dried, brushy herbs saturate the palate. This tequila is very full bodied. In fact, quite viscous would be a better descriptor. Drink this neat and enjoy the soothing warmth it provides, or have it with just a couple of ice cubes or a splash of water to mellow it out and greatly lift the aromatics and flavors.

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