Alpha Omega

2015 Alpha Omega II Red Blend Napa Valley


Rutherford’s Alpha-Omega winery has developed a deep, deep following for its beautiful Napa Valley wines sourced from the very best vineyards, both mountain and valley floor, in the entire appellation.  The vast majority of A-O’s business is done from their mailing list and with visitors who flock to their gorgeous Highway 29 winery for an unparalleled tasting and hospitality experience.  Their sumptuous Cabernet-based cuvees start at $100 a bottle and go up from there.  Most don’t know, however, that A-O also does a small but thriving wholesale business with restaurants throughout the country, but because of the high prices their regular bottlings command, executive winemaker Jean Hoefliger  and consultant Michel Rolland have been savvy enough to create a restaurant-oriented label based on the same vineyards and the same winemaking as their higher-priced cuvees, just at a price that keeps it within reach of the average restaurant diner. 

The wine is called Alpha-Omega II. Made from 67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot and 3% Petite Verdot, its sheer sumptuousness and lush, nuanced palate has swiftly become one of the best-selling Cabernet-based wines on our wine list, and its siren call has now extended to PRIMA Vini where we are able to sell it for only $39.99.  Alpha-Omega was originally conceived to represent the push-pull between the old and new worlds of winemaking but, while there is, indeed, a sense of Bordeaux-like elegance and polish to the A-O II, its ebullient aromatics, mouth-filling texture and curtain of plush tannins are very much of the Napa Valley and, with vineyards like Beckstoffer’s To-Kalon, Missouri Hopper, Dr. Crane, La Piedras and George III along with Stagecoach and a host of others represented in the blend, it’s the Valley’s royalty in a bottle!  With the blessing of the winery, we’ve sequestered a special parcel of A-O II for an offer to our best Cab-loving customers who also might enjoy this dark, effusive expression of the Napa Valley in their own homes as well as in our restaurant.  We don’t have much and what we do have will be first-come, first-served but here it is!     

Winemaker's Note:
II is the culmination of the two worlds, the Alpha and the Omega, the Old World and the New World. The two winemakers, Jean Hoefliger and Michel Rolland, worked to create a wine that is not only opulent, fruit-forward and generous, but also has the backbone of European acidity and elegance. A reflection of both worlds, II is a wine that is built to be approachable, both in taste and price, and consumed early.

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