2015 Cain Five Spring Mountain District


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Some three decades ago, in 1989, we offered to the world the first vintage of Cain Five—the 1985. Now, thirty years later, we’re thrilled to release the 2015 Cain Five. Coming off the last of a series of drought years, 2015 gave us the lowest yield since 1990—yields of less than one ton per acre—almost unheard-of throughout the world of wine. A low yield is traditionally associated with high quality. This case is no exception.

In 2015 the result is a generous, dense, focused wine, with the sun-drenched herbal and savory notes of our wild mountain Cain Vineyard, and satisfying and mouth-filling on the palate. The 2015 Cain Five drinks beautifully today, and will continue to do so for twenty years.