Chateau Breze

2015 Chateau Breze Saumur Blanc Clos de la Rue


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Importer Notes:  If you’ve ever wondered what a wine “fit for a king” tastes like, this is one of those. It’s a funny thing with these Brézé wines that the first glass can often times leave you wondering if this bottle will be as good as the last one. On the second glass, there is no mistaking this mighty king as he plows through the doors and takes his throne. The Clos de la Rue is dynamic and extraverted. The sheer strength of the wine is intimidating and can evoke an emotional response in some that I have never seen with any other wine. It smells and tastes like you are drinking liquid gold and it can send shivers down you spine. So, what does this wine really taste like? Too much to say, but lets just say gold, fairy dust, sweet limestone, river rocks, the smell of powdered sugar, sweet citrus and sheer pleasure. If I had to drink this wine every day of my life, I would be content to do so.