Robert Foley

2015 Robert Foley Vineyards The Griffin Red Table Wine Napa Valley


The wine Alamo-native winemaker Bob Foley calls ‘the most expensive cheap wine ever made’ was created to be a Foley wine the rest of us could afford in an economy that definitely requires some price elasticity.  But don’t confuse Foley’s largesse with a just another ‘second label’ wine, the kind often thrown together from lots of leftovers that simply aren’t good enough to be used in more expensive cuvees.  The Griffin is a piece begrudgingly carved from Robert Foley Vineayard’s justly famous triple-digit Claret, outstanding Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and amazing Petite Sirah programs and sold nearly 100% to restaurants in order to give as many customers as possible a taste of Foley’s magic at a reasonable price. 

To say The Griffin has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams would be an understatement, and despite Foley’s stated ambivalence at making a wine whose success may drive him to the poorhouse, he clearly loves what he’s doing and created a thoroughly delicious 2015 that really lights it up! 
This newest version is made from a massive but characterful base of Petite Sirah (a particular strength of Foley’s, going clear back to his days at Markham) buttressed by some super ripe, velvety Cabernet Sauvignon and a dash of particularly plush Merlot.  There are guest appearances also from Malbec, Petite Verdot, Syrah and Charbono, all contributing to a ripe, perfectly balanced wine that is far more than the sum of its parts!  Foley is a master blender and more seamless, complex blend you won’t find.  Especially for the money. 

Glossy black in color, the nose is a cornucopia of ripe cherry-berry fruit, pencil lead, espresso coffee and something floral, perhaps reminiscent of something Southern Rhone?  It’s an immediate gratification special- glossy and polished- begging to be slurped down with a good steak or some rare lamb chops as soon as you can get it home. True, it might be even better in five years or so, but why wait when there’s this much goodness at such a good price!? 
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Very highly recommended.

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