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2016 The Prisoner Wine Co. The Snitch Chardonnay Napa Valley

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We’ve often speculated what a Chardonnay made by the creators of The Prisoner might taste like.  And we certainly wondered what kind of label they’d come up with.  Well, what we got was, naturally, not at all what we expected.  First, the label.  There’s a back story here, of course. Something about a dangerous mystery man with unplumbed depths and a shady past.  How it ties into Napa Valley Chardonnay is a secret I guess they’ll forever keep from me too!  But the wine, well, that was the complete surprise.  I was expecting something along the lines of ‘Prisoner Blanc,’ a large scale, full-throttle addictive butter bomb. But, no!  It’s really very, very good. 

The Chardonnay comes from the Oak Knoll District between Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail and the Napa side of Los Carneros- both very good sources for sure- but the secret ingredient here that lends the wine its sense of mystery and, dare I say, intrigue, is the soupcon of floral Roussanne in the blend.  This latter grape marries nicely with the tropicality of the Carneros Chardonnay, adds a bit of mid-palate texture and definitely perks up the acidity.  It’s an inspired addition that takes The Snitch from being just another Napa Valley Chardonnay to something both hedonistically satisfying and interesting.  A fruit basket’s worth of apples, pears and ripe pineapple are given pop with hints of fresh vanilla, lemon crème brulee and a broad hint of clove-y spice.  It’s full-throttle for sure, but also fresh and very well balanced.  Who knew???? 

As for The Snitch?  Well, I hope he gets his.  As for the Chardonnay?  We’ll help you get yours!  At a nice price too.     

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