Belle Glos

2017 Belle Glos Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone Vineyard Santa Maria Valley


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Belle Glos has become something of a phenomenon in the wine world….a wine whose attributes, once appreciated, become absolutely irresistible and whose availability seems to consistently hover just short of where it needs to be to satisfy its ever-increasing demand.  Pinot Noir purists point to its preternaturally dark color, high level of fruit extract and massive palate and simply shake their heads, but those who judge a wine purely on whether it smells and tastes good cast their votes with their pocketbooks and buy the Belle Glos single vineyard Pinot Noirs whenever they can.  Our own inventory here is under constant attack and we have learned to keep a separate stash hidden just for the restaurant’s use.  But Belle Glos has just released their 2017 Clark & Telephone Pinot from the Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara County, perhaps the most sought-after cuvee they make and given us a downright generous initial allocation and a nice sweet price to entice us all to stock up for the New Year.  

The wine epitomizes the style that has made Belle Glos so popular.  It’s very dark and rich with a gorgeous nose of pomegranate, raspberry syrup and Kirsch that further hints of freshly turned black earth, licorice and smoky wood.  On the palate, it’s extravagantly sumptuous, like a bolt of gorgeous red silk, and finishes long, long, long.  Sure, those (we?) Pinot purists can scoff at its distinctly un-Burgundian hedonism but Belle Glos is an American original and with lamb chops, a steak off the grill or that perfectly done roast duck, it’s absolutely delicious.