Gerard & Pierre Morin

2017 Gerard & Pierre Morin Sancerre Rose

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We’re just barely into August and, already, PRIMA’s supply of scintillating dry Rose is running low.  But don’t panic!  Reinforcements have arrived.  And these two are, in fact, two of the most unique pink wines we’ve had all season.  Both are lovely, aromatic and based on the Pinot Noir grape, but that’s where their similarities end.  Oh yeah.  One other thing.  They’re both freaking delicious. 

Let’s start with the Pierre Morin’s gorgeous lilting 100% Pinot Noir from Sancerre.  Grown on lime-based soils in the commune of Bue, one of the best terroirs in the Loire Valley for this grape, these thirty-plus year old vines produce fruit with great character.  Pressed right off the skins just after picking, the grapes are fermented cool to preserve their delicacy and snap, producing a lightly tinted Rose with the prettiest Pinot Noir fruit you could ever imagine!  While not quite as lacy and delicate as I think I’ve made it sound, it is a very elegant, quite refined bottle of pink that scores very highly on the both the arugula and hammock scale.  Simply charming, it will seduce you as it pairs oh-so-harmoniously with warm goat cheese salads, prosciutto and melon or that Caprese salad you make with tomatoes and basil right from your garden. 

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