Blackened American Whiskey


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From Bay Area rock band, Metallica, in collaboration with the late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and current Master, Rob Dietrich, comes Blackened. Dietrich serves as the guardian of Pickerell's original recipe and process, which has been trademarked as BLACK NOISE. BLACK NOISE is the sonic-enhancement method that uses the vibrations from the subwoofer to disrupt the whiskey inside the barrel, extracting oak flavors, sugars, and texture with every earth shattering scream and epic guitar solo. Each batch has a specific playlist of Metallica songs selected by the Master Distiller. On the nose, there are notes of rich brown sugar, vanilla, corn husk and walnut followed by a mouthful of maple syrup, cinnamon, coffee and apricot.
And nothing goes better than a glass of whiskey and some great tunes, ammirite? With each bottle and batch comes it's own playlist for you to experience the BLACK NOISE for yourself!