Diep 9 Genever Old Dutch Genever


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Double distilled in 52 gallon batches from rye, wheat, and malted barley with nine botanicals in a traditional copper pot still according to old-style or 16th century distilling techniques, Diep9 Old Genever has a traditional character defined by 40% malt wine (grain mash). Barrel-aged in French oak (Bordeaux) for two years, this bright golden-colored genever exhibits a smooth taste with malty, earthy flavors. Crafted, bottled and labeled by hand at Stokerij De Moor, Belgium's smallest active grain distillery since 1910.

Terroirs (Protected Geographical Indications): jenever (genever), graanjenever (grain genever), oude jenever (old genever), O'de Flander Echte Oost-Vlaamse graanjenever.

Sip neat, on the rocks with an orange peel, pair with a Belgian beer, or mix in a cocktail. Diep9 Old Genever is great in the equation of "spirit, sugar, water, and bitters" and shines in a martinez, old fashioned, or negroni. The aromas of malt attract the whiskey drinkers while the spice and complexity of the taste intrigues the gin drinkers.