Il Gusto di Amalfi

Il Gusto di Amalfi Mandarino Liqueur


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Our friend and winemaker from the Amalfi Coast, Luigi Reale, introduced us to Valentino Esposito and Mario Anastasio, who make our liqueurs under the label ‘Il Gusto di Amalfi.’  Their small facility, which looks like a large kitchen, is in the little town of Praiano, just down the coast from Positano. This area is famous for growing amazing citrus, especially lemons; these lemons are grown by Mario and his family and friends.

Mandarin oranges of the ‘Marzatico’ variety, grown organically on the hillsides of the Amalfi coast, picked in season between January and April, peeled by hand, the peel immediately macerated in pure grain alcohol for 3-4 days. This is the purest expression of perfect mandarin oranges; the citrus here in the south of Italy is amazing, very different from what we see generally here in the US, and the quality of the fruit is the whole story with this kind of liqueur. Great digestivo; drink cold, but not iced. The liqueur may need to be shaken occasionally to mix in the lemon oils that rise to the top. Try a dash of it with good Prosecco, too.