Macurichos Mezcal Ancestral Espadin Con Cacao


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Made from 100% Espadín that has been roasted in an earthen oven, milled using a traditional stone tahona, fermented in wooden vats, and distilled using a traditional clay pot still. Fresh Oaxacan cacao made by Gonzalo’s sisters is added on the second distillation run.

Oaxaca is famous for its chocolate and with good reason! The aroma of this spirit transports you to a roadside comida in Matatlán, the scent of hot cocoa rising to meet you long before you even get your nose to the glass. With such a deep and robust aroma, the implication of bitter, dark chocolate to follow is deceptive; the palate is graceful and light on its feet, with Gonzalo’s trademark note of bright pink peppercorn, jasmine, and herbs on the mid-palate. Light but pronounced smoke gives a mature backbone to the notes of cacao and the finish is salty and earthy—even a bit dusty—like unwrapping a piece of dry chocolate on a dirt road. 52% ABV