Michter's Toasted Barrel Finish Kentucky Straight Rye Whiske


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NOSE: Marzipan| Bruleed Sugar, Confectioner’s Sugar | Banana Candy | Minerality (think damp limestone cave)

TASTE: Dark brown sugar and molasses | Rye grain, Rye Toast, Dark Spices, Fruit Cake, Raisins, Cola| Cinnamon, Oak| Surprisingly Light Bodied, Clean Finishing

FINISH: Long and juicy, just a tad of dryness at the end. Silken at 111 proof, scant warmth on hard palate. A bit of water amplifies the oak and toasted barrel; reveals bit of cocoa and cake. Leave it alone—if you can—then close your mouth and exhale through your nose to get rye, dried orange peel and graham crackers.