Nashville Barrel Company

Nashville Barrel Company 6yr Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey (Pac Edge barrel pick)


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Tasting Notes
Fragile scents of spice waft from the glass. These take form as rye spice, cinnamon spice, and baking spice. They mingle with light earthy notes of tobacco leaf, leather, and peppercorn. Very subtle scents of hay, vanilla, and honey swirl beneath. The nose is full of nuanced aromas, however its lighter nature makes you hunt for them. Regardless it’s a nice way to open the sip. 
Sweet and spicy, the palate is an interesting concoction of contrasting flavors. Brown sugar, caramel, and vanilla are in a constant push-pull with bold rye spice and white peppercorn. Helping push the spice notes to the forefront are underlying notes of dried apricots, leather and dry oak. Aged 6 years, Barrel #2229, Proof 116.28