Bruxo Mezcal No. 4 Ensamble Espadin Barril Cuiche


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Mezcal is among the most rustic forms of spirits production in the world. The distilleries in Mexico are based deep into the jungle, literally hours from civilization with bumpy dirt roads being the only way in or out. The agave grows completely wild (this being the major difference from Mezcal and Tequila production), which means harvesting takes a keen eye- one that can recognize the right time to cut the plant to ensure it will begin to grow again the next year. Although the bucolic Mezcaleros are incredibly talented at their craft, they seldom have the resources to market their product. This is where Bruxo comes in. These guys regularly trek into the jungle to buy the distillate from several very small producers. By small, I mean a hut, made of straw.
The Bruxo Mezcal Ensamble is a blend of three agaves: Espadin, Barril and Cuiche. The Espadin brings floral citrus notes; the Barril adds an intriguing flinty side and the Cuiche adds notes of arugula and fennel. When combined, this mezcal has an intriguing amalgam of flavors all bound by a hint of smoke that is so revered in this type of spirit. Drink on the rocks, in a Paloma or a Margarita for a smoky kick!