Rhum Clement VSOP Rhum Vieux Agricole


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Clément V.S.O.P. Rhum Agricole Vieux is aged a minimum of four years in virgin Limousin barriques and re-charred Bourbon casks. The superb alchemy of natural rum from sugarcane juice matured in a unique variety of the world’s finest oak barrels orchestrated by our Cellar Master gives this exceptional aged rum its brilliant mahogany color, roasted cocoa bean aroma and its illustrious smooth mellow character.

Warm caramel, exotic spice, and dried fruit aromas lead into a soft, silky entry with a moderately off-dry body full of coconut and banana creme brulee, nut, and dried fruit flavors. Finishes with a long fade of charred sugarcane, coconut custard, peppery spices and delicate wet minerals. An elegant and exotic treat.

"Gentle and oaky, with deep vegetal quality and long, woody finish, this aged sugarcane-based Rhum Agricole bears more resemblance to Cognac or a single-malt than to aged molasses-based rums." - San Francisco Chronical
"Classic rum with great legs distilled from top quality can juice" - GQ Magazine
"Elegant sophisticated style, svelte and utterly yummy. Best of the Year!" - Wine Enthusiast Magazine
"A subtle and light Scotch-like smokiness" - Wall Street Journal

International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal
BTI RATING: 90 points (Exceptional)