Saint Cloud

Saint Cloud Bourbon Abstrakt X Series Feat. Flore


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Saint Cloud is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, crafted by Ray Walker using his unique perspective and vision from making Grand Cru wines in  Burgundy, France. Ray excelled in making wines of character. His  signature was blending hard work, tradition and an unrelenting pursuit  of beauty through simplicity. 

Saint Cloud presents the “X-Series”, our exclusive portfolio of  expressions meant to explore new creative ideas and concepts, free from  rules or artistic boundaries.
Produced in limited quantities,  each release will highlight a truly distinctive experience, while  featuring hand-selected artists from around the world. 

The Artist: New York City Painter, Flore has been  attracted to modernism, wherever he can find it. His work captures a  freedom of space and fluidity, leaping from the canvas in a vivid rush  of color and pulsating texture.

The Bourbon: Our  First Wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Sweet Mash, Pot distilled using  Kentucky Spring Water, and finished in hand picked French Charred Oak  Barrels.