Japanese Whisky

Nikka Single Malt Whisky Miyagikyo
 Nikka's Miyagikyo distillery is back on the market with a fantastic new offering that doesn't disclose the age, but has no problem disclosing serious flavor. The sherry integration of the whisky is utterly marvelous. It's clearly marked by classic...
Nikka Single Malt Whisky Yoichi
Whisky Advocate: 92 Points Yoichi age statements are gone for now, but if the whisky stays this good, I can live with that. Black earthy peat, smoldering fires, a turned-out pocket of briny seashells, whole lime, lemon twist, sugared orange,...
Nikka Whisky From The Barrel Japanese Whisky
  Whisky Advocate's #1 Whisky of 2018 For Nikka From the Barrel, it’s been a long road to Whisky of the Year. This Japanese blend made its U.S. debut in 2018, but its inception dates back more than 30 years. In 1985, Nikka Whisky Distilling...
Nobushi Blended Japanese Whiskey
The NOBUSHI are an order of elite warriors descended from samurai during the feudal era who have preserved teachings and wisdom that have been handed down to them from generation to generation. Nobushi Japanese Whisky is blended from a combination of...
Ohishi Brandy Cask Japanese Rice Whisky
Ohishi Distillery was founded in 1872, located in the Southwest of Japan, in a beautifully mountainous and scenic countryside.  Ohishi sits near the tiny village of Mizukami, and is the closest distillery to the source of the Kuma River, one of the...