Restaurants have been hit especially hard during this Corona Virus Pandemic. Not only is it difficult for the owners to see their way out of this but it is even more devastating to watch the employees that really are the backbone of these restaurants suffer in ways one could never have imagined.

We, at Prima Restaurant in Walnut Creek, are one of many restaurants that are suffering. We have been a staple here in Walnut Creek for 43 years and counting! Our employees are like family. Many have been with Prima 30 + years. Our turnaround in employment is almost non-existent as we have created a working environment that is not just a job but a family. We care deeply about all our employees and know that many of them are left to their own devices when it comes to money at this point. Yes, unemployment is an option for most but for others, it may be difficult to live on unemployment when you are the sole provider in a large family. Our hope is to get through this Pandemic and re-open Prima with ALL our employees. In the meantime, we are asking for donations to help keep our employees afloat for the next coming month or longer if need be. TOGETHER we can get through this global crisis. Please if you can, help our loyal employees, OUR FAMILY during this unprecedented time. We are forever grateful for any donation big or small. We look forward to serving and celebrating with you at the restaurant very soon.

Thank you in advance for your generosity! Stay well!

Peter and John



Thanks to the following for their kind and generous donations to our 
PRIMA Restaurant Workers Fund on gofundme:


Will and Gail Markham   Cathy Haberl   Anonymous   Becky Bellini
Rob and Julianne Bramson   Nancy Glimme   Mary Stephens   Anonymous
John Poch   Anonymous   Scott and Claudia Hein   Jennifer May
Anonymous   Mike Poole   Gary O'Neill   jim collini
Pat & David W-K   Lindy Novak   Paul & Marilyn Gardner   Susan Threatt
Benjamin Gigli   Hilary Benford   Anonymous   Maurice’s Williams
Loren Kimura   JIm & Betty Stokes   Fritz Brunner   Elissa Giaimo
Joanne HAUKLAND   PAUL MORRIS   Jimbo Simon   Roger Kim
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