Viuva Gomes

1965 Viuva Gomes Ramisco Collares Tinto 650ml


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The vineyards of Collares are among the world’s most unusual in the world. The ‘estates’ are essentially bushes of wild vines planted in pits dug out of the sand dunes of a beach near Lisbon. The red varietal of Collares, Ramisco, must be planted, by law, in pure ocean beach sand with no more than 10% clay content within 4 meters of the surface. The vines here are literally hundreds of years old and produce miniscule amounts of a ravishing red that can age in the bottle nearly as long. Alas, these amazing vines are rapidly disappearing. What was once over 10,000 hectares of vineyard land is now down to under 100. Portugal’s wealthiest citizens want the land for their vacation homes and modern economics portend the doom of this once thriving appellation.

Ramisco tastes sort of like an ethereal, ocean-influenced version of an old Rioja crossed with Alta Piemonte Nebbiolo and offers an enticing salinity that begins on the mid-palate and goes on and on. Anything that grows that close to the Atlantic Ocean would! The wine truly feels timeless. Their bottle bouquet is intoxicating and their freshness, even after 80 years, just incredible. This tasting represents a remarkable opportunity to taste history and help to preserve a wine region that just may be gone in a few years.