#1) 2017 Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey
Producer's Note: MIDLETON VERY RARE VINTAGE RELEASE 2017 The story of Midleton Very Rare begins with unquestionable vision. At a time when all other distilleries were reluctant to take risks, Master Distiller Barry Crockett took it upon himself to...
Knob Creek
#2) Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye Whiskey Barreled 2009
This cask strength, powerful rye has been one of our sleeper picks all year. Then, in early December, the Whisky Advocate rated it as their #2 whisky of 2018. Naturally, all hell broke loose. We had to hide our stash from the cherry pickers we’ve...
#3) Nikka Coffey Gin
COFFEY STILLNamed after its inventor Aeneas Coffey, this traditional 2-column continuous “Coffey still” produces quality grain whiskies initially intended for blended whiskies. First imported from Scotland in 1963, Nikka has remained faithful...
1968 Darroze Domaine de Bellair Bas-Armagnac
Bottled: April 2018 50 yrs in Oak Barrels. 60% Baco, 40% Ugni Blanc.  Aromas in the nose are remarkably fresh and young, which gives to their armagnac an unusual character for this age. Candied fruits, brioche toast. Youthful on the palate, good...
Chateau de Pellehaut
1973 Chateau de Pellehaut Armagnac Tenareze
100% Ugni-blanc 43 Years in Oak. Bottled 2016. Located in the quaint village of Montréal-du-Gers, the vines of Chateau de Pellehaut are planted on several different types of soil, including mixtures of clay and limestone along with sand...
1978 Darroze Armagnac Domaine La Tuc
Producer's Note:In love with his South West and its centuries old traditions, this highly respected chef of the local Landaise cuisine introduced his son Francis to the culinary arts, to great wines and to the fine Gascon eaux-de-vie. It is by...
1988 Darroze Domaine de Barigos Bas-Armagnac Le Frêche
Producer : Delhoste Appellation : Bas Armagnac Soil type : Tawny sands Surface : 5 hectares Grape varieties : 100 % baco Age of the vines : 60 years old Type of distillation : Continuous at 53% Alc. Distiller : Roumat Pieces : Made usingoak from...
1988 Darroze Domaine de Couzard-Lassalle Mauléon d’Armagnac
Producer : Cazenave Appellation : Bas Armagnac Soil type : Sables & sandy clay Surface : 13 hectares Grape varieties : 100 % folle blanche Age of the vines : 40 years old Type of distillation : Continuous at 60 % Alc. Distiller :...
1998 Distillerie Berta Bric del Gain Moscato d'Asti Grappa
The 1998 Bric del Gaian from Distillerie Berta is among the most aromatic grappas ever made. There's no need to fight through the 44 per cent alcohol, because it is in perfect balance with the Moscato grape-driven aromas. A hint of ginger and vanilla...
2002 Diplomático Botucal Single Vintage Rum
The third release of Diplomático's single-vintage rum, this comes from the 2002 harvest. Aged for around 12 years in bourbon and single malt whisky casks before being finished in sherry wood, this has tempting aromas of sweet pastry, baked bananas...
2013 Fuenteseca Cosecha Tequila Blanca Huerta Singular Del Maguey
Tequila has positively changed more than any other spirit in the last couple of decades as a bounty of small producers have made strides in quality enhancements. On top of this, many of the smallest producers have found ways to make it onto the...
2019 Barrell Bourbon New Year Limited Edition
New Years Bourbon is back again! The 2018/19 season’s New Years is a blend of 5, 7, 9, 10 and 14-year-old Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels​.  ​Distilled in Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Tennessee and Texas, and aged separately in their own...
Adictivo Tequila Extra Añejo
Tequila Adictivo® Extra Añejo is 100% pure Blue Agave, dark amber with reddish hues with excellent roasted flavor, sweet and fruity aromas. Age:7 Years    
Alipus San Juan del Rio
Alipus San Juan del Rio Mezcal Joven
Alipus San Juan del Rio Mezcal is adored for its fruit, smoky, peaty and agave flavor notes. This Mezcal is carefully distilled at Destilería Los Danzantes distillery, Mexico
Anchor Distilling Co. Junipero Gin
Junipero Gin is made by hand in the classic London dry gin tradition, utilizing more than a dozen botanicals in their natural state in a small copper pot still at the small distillery on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, making it the first post-Prohibition...
Angostura Bitters 187ML
Made with the same original secret recipe since 1824, the world famous Angostura® aromatic bitters remains the quintessential and definitive ingredient for classic and contemporary cocktails.