1792 Full Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon PRIMA Single Barrel Store Pick 125 Proof


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Selected and Bottled Exclusively For Prima Vini Wine Merchants

Deemed 2020 World Whiskey of the Year by Jim Murray, author of the Whiskey Bible, this is a cask strength whiskey, coming in at 125 proof. The high heat of the ABV lets the aromatics travel to your nose very fast, filling your senses with notes of citrus and honey, reminiscent of a botrytis influenced Sauternes, followed by classic charred oak, vanilla frosting, spiced apples, and toasted grain. With such a high heat, it can take a while for this whiskey to really show you everything it has to offer. Let this sit in the open for a good 20 minutes or more, or you can take a couple droplets of water to help dilute and further release the aromatic oils to get its fullest expression. You'll be blown away as it continues to evolve the more you let it open up in your glass.