2023 axr Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley


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Those of us of a certain age remember the wonderful Napa Valley Sauv Blancs of yore- Cakebread, Whitehall Lane, Spottswoode, Honig, Duckhorn and others are just some that come immediately to mind. These are all beautiful, exciting wines that manage to balance the variety’s native pungency with copious fruit flavors and, often, just a touch of oak to add texture and roundness to the palate. Recently a relatively new interloper has found its way onto our shelves- a Sauvignon that positively shimmers with bright enticing aromatics, lovely jasmine tea-infused fruit and the kind of finish that demands you go back for another sip. And it’s priced right too! Winemaker Jean Hoefliger, already a blossoming superstar with a reputation for making elegant, much-acclaimed reds, clearly has a way with SB too.  Perfect for your late summer sipping, it’s delicious on its own, though we think a warm goat cheese and fresh herb salad would make for the perfect pairing. But how about a classic sole Meunier? Swoon-worthy, for sure! It was a great surprise to discover AXR, a Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc that hits all the high notes at a price we think that’s as refreshing as the fruit. The brand-spanking-fresh 2023 vintage has just arrived. Get it while it’s coooool!