The PRIMA Vini VINE Monday, March 27th, 2023

The PRIMA Team (sans Frank and Bruno, both hard at work in WC and Midori in Kyushu, Japan, when this photo was snapped)
Left to right- Teddy, Leslie, Brandon, Anne, Caroline, JR, Jade, Fran & Louise

We’re very pleased to introduce you to the three newest additions to the PRIMA Vini team. First off, please give a warm welcome to Louise Lang, bookkeeper extraordinaire. Louise comes to us with vast experience working with family-owned businesses like ours and was, most recently, with Walnut Creek’s own Califcraft Brewery. Not only are Brandon and I relieved the have Louise now looking after our books, so is the small but dedicated squadron of friends and family (shouts out to Linda, Carmen, Teddy and everyone else who helped get us through) who have been helping Brandon and me keep the good ship PRIMA Vini afloat. We’re also thrilled to welcome Jade Wang to the fold. Jade is being tasked with looking after PRIMA’s e-commerce business as well as helping us in our Dublin location. She comes to us with a degree and background in enology and an impressive Level 3 WSET certification with a Level 4 on the way….that means she knows A LOT about wine! She’s warm, friendly and fun, and when she’s not hard at work making your on-line shopping experience seamless, she’ll be helping you choose your wine and spirits too. Joining her in the Dublin store is Caroline Evans. Caroline comes to PRIMA with a degree in Wine Business Administration from Sonoma State and both tasting room and wholesale experience. Owner of a brilliant smile and an endless supply of optimism, Caroline will be helping us look after the store and wine bar.
Brandon and I are very excited to have this infusion of new energy and new ideas into our now-nearly-46-year old business. We’ve come a long way in that time and, as our journey heads off on its new direction we thank you all very much for your continued support and know that you’ll give Louise, Jade and Caroline warm welcomes when you meet.
We’re also pleased to officially announce the worst kept secret here at PRIMA this winter- Brandon will be leading a trip for PRIMA customers and friends to Argentina early next year! As you know, we do a trip to Piemonte each fall with La Dolce Vigna’s Leslie Rosa, but there is far more than just Piemonte in Leslie’s well-traveled suitcase. She’s also leads trips to several other parts of Italy and, for the past few years, Argentina as well. As it happens, Brandon is also a veteran traveler to the region and knows the vineyards and wineries down there very well. Team these two sommelier-foodies up and you have something really special- two experienced, excellent guides to one of the most exciting and beautiful places in the world! We hope you’ll join them!