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RY3 14 Year Light Whiskey Prima Barrel Pick


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Exclusivley Bottled for Prima.


Light whiskey came into existence in 1968 because consumers were moving away from Bourbon and more into clear spirits such as vodka or gin. Light whiskey is distilled between 160° and 190°. Contrast that with Bourbon or American Rye, which tops out at 160°. It must be aged in used, charred oak barrels or new, uncharred oak. RY3 14-YR is bottled at Cask Strength (minimum of 120 Proof) to emphasize the true characteristics of this extraordinary, aged Whiskey that boasts layers of Cinnamon, Tobacco, Orange Peel, and subtle notes of oak.

This whiskey was distilled at Seagrams facility in Indiana, now known as MGP.

Mash Bill 99% Corn and 1% Malted Barley
Aged in used American Oak barrels
Barrel fill date: 10/31/2007
Bottled: 4/5/2022
Purchased from MGP barrel owner (Seagrams distillate )
14 Years old, 5 months old
Single Barrel at Cask Strength 65.2% abv

Batch #PR005